Will there ever be a sane discussion on this topic?

It all depends on the participants. It could take place among those who have never experienced it, those who have experienced it, those who knowingly or unknowingly perpetrate it or any combination thereof. Discourse between individuals in certain categories would be more explosive than others for obvious reasons. Although open-minded persons may be able to disagree on various sensitive subjects without serious verbal or physical conflict but racism just might not be one of them.

The fact of the matter is that this particular topic must necessarily depart from the points of view voiced on the multitude of issues confronting members of any society irregardless of who they are; things like politics, religion, interpersonal relationships and the like.  A  dialog on racism however, focuses on the unalterable physical characteristics of a particular group and how they are affected by certain policies and actions because of them. Does anyone believe that these conversations are the same? Possibly. However most honest debaters would concede that these two types of discussions contrast sharply.

The goal of this blog is to air those arguments and to share researched information on a topic that continues to inspire a myriad of opinions and emotions within a range that stretches all over the map. Some believe that the problem has existed longer than one might imagine so hopefully scholars, many of whom have been studying the phenomenon of racism for many years, will chime in.

One could begin by posing questions like the following: Does a precise definition of racism exist? When did this particular pattern of thought appear? What precipitated its development? What racial groups have been the primary players historically? These queries have been the subject of almost every kind of print or audio visual  media and otherwise analyzed by both layman and academics. Furthermore, the responses typically given to just these few questions are too numerous to count. Some are emotional, some are based on more rational research and still others are deliberate fabrications told with the purpose of maintaining some nefarious advantage over those they have chosen to victimize. Purely personal beliefs on any subject which may or may not have a solid basis  are not always easily explored in conversation but taking the opportunity to examine other ideas or new information can’t be a bad thing, especially when they are so readily available.








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